I wanted to write this blog post because there are so many creative people pursuing their dreams, however their money is tight and their bills need to get paid. Like many of us, during this process we find ourselves limited to job opportunities. A 9 to 5 to be exact. For whatever reason, a stable job in †he corporate world just doesn’t suit us. We either can’t find one, or when we do, we feel like it takes away from our true purpose. I have been unemployed for almost a year now and wanted to share five ways that has helped me stay active in my field while making money during the process.

1. Finding your creative abilities.. 

Many of us have something that we’re good at. We all have skills and talents that can be offered to individuals in growing companies and brands. One thing that I have noticed that helped me survive in this creative world, is utilizing my skills and turning them into an income. Now, this is something that may have nothing to do with your career, yet something that you may have learned in that one class that you didn’t take serious. Or maybe something you’re just a natural at. These skills are vital to companies who may not want to outsource for assistance. Instead, they may want to hire someone for a particular task, pay them, and come back to them if they outcome is successful. For example, I’m a media personality and red carpet host. However, I graduated with a Journalism degree. So I use my writing skills and apply them to anywhere that is needed. Press kits, biographies, and sometimes content creating are projects that I have done to keep me afloat and my pockets filled while chasing my dreams. 

2. We have benefits of having an open schedule….So keep yourself busy! 

Some people may feel that since they do not have a 9-5, they have so much time on their hands. Which you do. But one thing that has helped me, is staying busy and packing my schedule with things to do. Gigs, interning (strengthening your skills for your personal career), and of course “me time”. Now these are things that help keep you sane while not feeling lazy or bored of life because you have nothing to do. The more you connect with people, the more opportunities you’re given (Paid or not paid). This will allow you to become more active in the creative field while developing a consistent schedule while not having a 9-5. Keep yourself busy. You should feel more occupied and more productive than a person working in the corporate world. Creative freedom is the new way to reach and pursue your dreams. 

3. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. The hustle starts to get real..

All of the gigs that I’ve ever accepted, has not only been in the creative world. There are so many things that you can do that will also help you make money. Sometimes we have to take it back to that ‘high school hustle’. Babysitting, serving (restaurant, private events etc), or even working those quick money jobs like Lyft/Uber or DoorDash. Now the reason why I consider them as the ‘high school hustle’, is because theses jobs are not our careers. We don’t plan on working here forever. There just jobs to help us pay our bills. Sometimes tapping into work like this still gives you the flexibility to work on your craft. They may not be as promising as a 9-5, but they definitely the job done.

4. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.  

Now, I’m not knocking 9-5’s because having a stable job is always better than not having a job at all. But one thing that I noticed when working in the corporate world is not having the availability to go out and meet new people. Usually in the creative world, opportunities come on random days at random times. So as mentioned, having an open schedule leaves you with the freedom to plan accordingly and accept the job given to you. This also calls for the availability to get out an network. When connecting with the right people, you will eventually start to get invited to attend events and festivities. Whether its for pleasure or for work, this is a great way to continuously build your surrounding network and contact list. With that, more opportunities will start to flow and before you know it, you’ll be saying ” bye bye 9 to 5.. I am now an entrepreneur!.”

5. Value your ‘me time‘ and find a hobby. 

Sometimes when we get so caught up in work, we forget what and who were doing it for. We get so overwhelmed by the hustle, we loose sight of our sanity. At this point, we have to sit back and appreciate all of the blessings that are flowing in our lives and celebrate. Whether it be to explore the outdoors, or hanging out with your friends and loved ones. Or maybe even picking up that one book you been dying to read. I always ask myself, how am I suppose to help the next person or provide my talent and skills to anyone, if I’m not in the right mental state?.. For me, being with my puppy, my fiancé, while kicking my feet up to watch a movie, really helps clear my mind. And of course turning up with my girls on the weekend is always great for the soul and my happiness. Don’t ever forget about ‘you’.. ‘You’ are important. And sometimes ‘you’ deserve a break too.

All of these points may not work for everyone, but they for sure helped me! Let me know what you think, and share if this was helpful!

Until next time..

Mariah Darshá- In Heels, Making CEO Moves