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San Fernando Valley represents…A.R.J

Born and raised in the one of the tough neighborhoods of the San Fernando Valley, 21-year-old Arnulfo Reyes III, known as A. R. J. has always dreamed of making music part of his career.

Growing up and listening to a diverse selection of music genres such as Oldies, Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B, were some of the few musical styles that influenced him into the music industry today. During his early teenage years, he became inspired by many artists that carried a mixture of R&B and Hip-Hop styles in their music.

At 13-years-old,  A.R.J. started recording and mixing his own music in hopes to build his own recording studio and become as big as his idols in the future.

“ NB Ridaz, Frankie J, Omarion, Baby Bash and Usher were the few artist that really motivated me to make music because their styles were so different.  They gave me a foundation before I started listening to Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Drake…I can say my music is a mixture of all these artist,”


Throughout his years in high school, he made sure he took any opportunity to perform in front of the student body to practice his vocals and to see his audience reactions. A.R.J. was always caught singing throughout the hallways either singing the The Temptations and then later mixing it with Chris Brown joints while people joined in and listened. His most recent performance was early this year where he received great feedback from the crowd and was even comparied to some of his musical idols.

” The way I see it is I’m just working to be the best I can be and at the end of the day I just want to be involved with music.”

A.R.J. takes his music really seriously and makes sure to spend many hours to perfect his tracks to its very best. During his music production, he dedicates a lot of time  finding the right beats and melodies for his selections as it helps him through the process of writing his music. Some of his most popular songs are, “On the Market” and “Hard For Me”. Both songs demonstrate the amount of quality he puts into his music and most importantly it makes it the key to his mild success.

“It is not about basing your life on drugs, alcohol, tattoos or the streets. What it’s about is living life and expressing yourself in ways that peoples are either going to relate or respect your truth,”

A.R.J. has huge plans with his career in music and it is very noticeable.  One of his biggest aspirations is to go back to school and become a certified Audio Engineer to open up his own recording studio and work with young talent.

He is currently finishing up his debut mixtape called, “Lost On Hart Street”, that will be released on July 15. The “Lost On Hart Street” mixtape will talk about his uprising, relationships and his perspective of today’s music. Make sure to check it out!!!

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