Real Talk

Adrienne Bailon may have made her way out of the Kardashian family, but let’s be honest this girl is as real as it is going to get and proved she will not let any bad blood ruin a good interview.

During E! News Jesse Giddings recent visit to the set of The Real, talk show he asked the Puerto Rican beauty if she would have the Kardashians guest star on the show. Without any hesitation Bailon responded saying,


The former Chettah Girl dated Robert Kardashian seven years ago and but ended exchanging words with his famous sisters back in July, after she spoke about her relationship-history for Latina magazine‘s cover story.  Adding to her previous response she kept it professional and said,

“Being a professional, I’d never say no to anybody for any personal reasons,”


Giddings also asked the 30-year-old talk show host, what she would ask the Kardashians if they appeared on the show? A mused Bailon said, she did not know since she felt she knew them pretty well. Though Adrienne’s incredulous co-host Tamar Braxton butted in and exclaimed,

” Are you serious?! You don’t know what you would ask?!”

If you have not watched the clip yet watch it below and you will find out what Braxton would ask the E! reality stars as well how one or all the Kardashian sisters will end up on The Real’s hot seat– and hear what Bailon had to say about Rob and lamenting being “stuck with the Kardashian label” from her infamous magazine interview.

Meanwhile, Adrienne did continued the plastic surgery conversation; as she confessed why she decided to open up about it now. She said,

“This is my first time having a platform to talk about it,”

Opening up about her body insecurities and ways she wants to help women overcome them, the Latina beauty added,

“And anybody that’s known me over the years will tell you, you sit down with [me]—you know!—I’ll tell you anything! I’m very open and honest and I feel like it’s important for women to hear that we’re not perfect, none of us are perfect. And sometimes we aspire to have these ideas in our heads of what perfection is, and I probably would’ve been better off if I’d left myself alone.”

The Real: Daytime airs weekdays on Fox 11 at 3pm.

Watch Adrienne and Tamar had to say about below and tell us what you think?