Earlier last week, I had a chance to truly enjoy Vegas.. Not for its endless drunk nights, and complimentary entrances to all of the night clubs and day parties, but for the fabulous well-known fashion events that brings EVERYONE together in the industry.. Literally everyone..DSC_0133

For some of you who don’t know, Vegas holds two of the most popular shows called AGENDA and MAGIC. AGENDA is a place where wholesale retailers and brands come together and showcase their pieces. And MAGIC is considered one of the world’s largest fashion marketplace, consisting of eleven unique companies showcasing the latest in apparel, footwear, accessories, and manufacturing. So ya’ll know a sistah went CRAZY!… I had to remind myself that I was here to work!… And then play after 😀

So my family owns a retail store in Modesto, CA called Teen Village. Every year my mom and my dad come to Vegas and order pieces to restock on the inventory. This year, it was me, my mom, my aunt and sister. During this adventure and spending hours and hours picking and choosing which clothes fit best for the store, I was feeling a little selfish and wanted to shop for myself. But who can blame me? I know a few of you reading this would want to do the same! So one of my favorite parts of the tradeshows was going to the Cash and Carry store. These are all brands through AGENDA and MAGIC, but this time, with our exclusive VIP passes, we were able to shop for ourselves and loved ones. The prices were crazy good and the quality was amazing. (Put it like this.. I got also $50-$60 worth of jewelry for $13 bucks!) Yea… so I’ll leave it at that. IMG_1106

Last but not least, on the last day of both events, usually there are always celebrity appearances. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture any moments with them, but a little birdy told me that Chris Brown, T.I and many more of our favorite celebs were there! Ugh.. Yes I missed them smh Next time for sure though.DSC_0154

Nevertheless, I highly enjoyed spending time with my family and after the shows, it was a girls night out. I had so much fun and can not wait until next year. VEGAS… We shall meet again!

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