Aaron, Oh Aaron what are we going to do?


Okay, if you are millennial I am sure you are aware of the infamous Hilary Duff, 26, and Aaron Carter, 26, relationship and the love triangle with Lindsay Lohan that broke these two apart. Even though it’s been a long time since these two called it quits, it so happens that after all these years Carter still loves his teenage sweetheart, Hilary Duff.

On Mar. 5 the former child star took to Twitter expressing his love to the Lizzie McGuire star, Hilary Duff with multiple tweets. After retweeting a “flawless” picture of Duff, Carter tweeted,

“Don’t be that stupid douche that loses the love of your life ..Like me..”

He later added,

“I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to better myself to get her back. I don’t care what ANY of you think.”


Hilary Duff had split after three years of marriage with husband Mike Comrie, whom she has a 22-month-old son named Luca. It makes sense why Carter is now taking the initiative to win the former child starlet back after hearing about her recent split. Maybe this gave him that extra push to win Duff’s heart back, just like when they were teenagers.

Duff and Carter started dating according to the former teen heart throb on his 13th Birthday. They dated for about an year till Nick Carter’s brother started seeing Duff’s fellow musketeer, Lindsay Lohan, whom also fell for Carter’s charm. According to Entertainment Weekly, Carter said referring to Hilary Duff,

” We kissed, and we hugged, and we’d hold hands, and go to the movies,”

Carter then added,

“Then I just got a little bored, so I went and I started to get to know Lindsay,”

and just when you think his player-like actions are bad, hold on tight because this tangled triangle gets worse, Carter then says,

“Then I didn’t want want to do that anymore, so I got back with Hilary. And then I ended up cheating on Hilary with her best friend.”

OMG talk about SCANDALOUS!

Ms. Duff, has yet to publicly respond to Carter’s dwelling tweets about her, but as from now I think she is not looking into going back to her past if you ask me.