Did you feel it?

rs_560x415-140317091857-1024.ktla-chris-schauble-panic-earthquake-los-angeles-031714Most commonly, Monday mornings people hesitate to get out of bed and start their week. Well, that did not happen today. This morning the whole Los Angeles County was awoken by the alarming 4.7 earthquake that not only struck many of us off our beds but celebrities were just as shocked. Including  KTLA‘s host Chris Schauble.  Have you seen the video?

During a the KTLA’s morning broadcast, host Chris Schauble immediately reacted to this alarming earthquake. Within seconds, Schauble took us back to earthquake drills many Californians have practiced since elementary school. The KTLA teams reaction is what has many us of LOL-ing and the video instantly surfaced everywhere.


Even though many laughs were going around after this unpredictable event, KTLA and the anchor had a good sense of humor about it as KTLA Entertainment tweeted,

“The many faces of @ChrisKTLA during the #earthquake”

Chris later changed his Twitter profile picture to a picture showing his reaction during the earthquake. Goes to show how people in California have a sense of humor even when a scary earthquake is happening.

Many Los Angeles residents took to Twitter sharing their feelings towards this striking earthquake. Celebrities also shared their experience in this mornings shake-out, Kim Kardashian tweeted,

“Earthquake was scary? Were all ok though! Anyone else feel it?”




Nicki Minaj  expressed her feelings about her first time experiencing an earthquake and tweeted,

“That was the scariest earthquake this lil New York girl ever experienced in Cali. Unbelievable this time.”

If you were awake throughout the time the earthquake occurred, you would have definitely known that Twitter was the place to be if you wanted to get the 411 on what was going on. Especially hearing what our A-listers were thinking during the moment of the quake.

Jessica Alba and her little ones were also shocked by this earthquake. Alba took on to Twitter and Instagram captioning her image post,

“According to my quake feed-man it was close to home-jeez these never get easier especially now w kids”

10008559_677058599017249_47041755_nIt is no surprise that our beloved celebrities also love sharing their scary experiences with their fans by posting stuff online that had many of their followers relating to their experiences.

Now that this earthquake is over we think it is important for all of us to be earthquake safe just incase another one comes on its way.