Yooooo, Excuse me miss…


Cheat on her once shame on you,  cheat on her twice shame on, no comment. It is clear Chris Brown was not ready to say goodbye to his model on and off girlfriend Karrueche Tran. So it should not be a surprise to many of us the two are back together once again!!! Maybe Breezy’s new hit song “Loyal” is what moved him in jail to stay faithful to his girl?

Karrueche Tran got the surprise of her life as she shared a video with her many followers on Instagram last night of a special voice message from a special someone. Tran shared a video of Breezy sending his fans and most importantly his number one girl, Karruche, showing his love to her. We wonder maybe Tran shared the video to let all of Breezy’s side girls know to back off and to show the world they are an item again. During the voice message the Loyal singer said,


“I’m callin’ all my fans, you know I love y’all, thank you for all the support. Thank you for everything. The [“Loyal”] video just came out so I hope you all enjoy that. And most importantly, K, Karrueche, I love you. So thank you.”

Awwww! Breezy’s message to Tran seemed to give her bittersweet emotions after showing a sad face expression once she heard her boo’s voice, but she still managed to flash a sweet smile after hearing him say I love you. Tran captioned the video on her instagram,

“Message! #TeamBreezy”

Many of us are left with our mouths wide opened after Tran had officially confirmed a couple days ago that she left Chris Brown for being a manwhore!! In March, the model set the record straight to us as she tweeted,

“Not dating anyone stop w the bs.”

As she later took a snapshot of the tweet and added on Instagram,

“Please and thank you.”

We think the ‘Gimmie That’ singer, has his way with words that even in jail he knows how to win his lady back. But Chris our advice to you is that you better hold on her tight because we do not think any girl would take him back after that. Is that right ladies?