It is living proof that no one can bend it like this guy…


It is not a surprise to see David Beckham rock his tightest pair of undies on our TV screens (aka his H&M ad).

Must we all admit we all enjoyed watching the former LA Galaxy player doing his thing in just boxer briefs.

It is clear that the 39-year-old soccer player is no stranger to underwear ads, so the real question now is what are his thoughts on Justin Bieber‘s controversial underwear ads???


In a very Beckham fashion he confessed his thoughts on Bieber in his undies and said,

“Not bad, not bad, not bad. He looks good in his underwear ads. He looks very good.”

Well it is nice to know that finally someone is on Bieber’s side for once. JB has to be very flattered over Beckham’s thoughts of his ad. We mean who would not be flattered if David Beckham, god of underwear ads praised them. We know we would!!!

What are your thoughts on Justin Bieber’s underwear ads? Tell us below we would love to hear your thoughts!!!

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