I Got 99 Problems But You Won’t Be One Like What…


We do not know if you guys remember when Big Sean and Naya Rivera called off their engagement and then three months later she married Ryan Dorsey! And then the rapper started dating Ariana Grande and then rumors started spreading that the former Glee actress was not so happy about the new couple. Hmm smells like drama to us!!!!!

Well, in case you don’t remember this all happened and it seems like Big Sean is finally speaking out about this his feelings on this situation through his music.


The rapper just released his newest single “I Don’t F**k With You”, produced by no one other than Kanye West, where Big Sean seems to address a “Crazy Bitch” several times and makes it clear to the world that he doesn’t “f**k with” anymore.

This song is crazy insane, especially with the mocking/teasing instrumentals in the background and once you hear the lyrics you perfectly know who the rapper is talking about. Ehhhhh!!!

Though Naya has yet to make a comment about her ex-fiance’s new song, we cannot help but to wonder what her thoughts are about it!!








Listen to Big Sean’s song below and see for yourself!!