Uh… Bye B*tch


Is it just us or are long time best friends, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez feuding??

If they are not there must be something going on with these two girls, that has made the ‘Skyscraper’ singer, unfollow Miss. Gomez on Twitter. But the drama does not quite stop there, and this had many fans wondering what has caused this rift in their friendship?

The 21-year-old, “Neon Lights” singer, allegedly tweeted a not-so-nice tweet; that appeared to go directly to the 21-year-old ‘Spring Breakers” star, along with a picture where she appeared to be swimming in the ocean.  Lovato tweeted,

“Swimming away from the bulls–t bye bitch,”


Ouch!! If that tweet was really real, what can we say it was pretty mean if you ask us. Even though the tweet has been deleted, there still is a screenshot picture of it roaming around the internet. Demi’s rep has declined to comment on this issue.

Many of us are still wondering what could possibly go wrong with this friendship since back in February when the former X-Factor judge, opened up to E! News about her BFF she said,

“Selena, I’ve known her for 14 years and we’ve been best friends,”

A couple weeks after her interview Miss. Lovato said,

“She’s doing really well right now and I’m really happy for her…We have an incredible friendship.”

As of right now neither of these two ladies had made any further comments about this issue. We sure hope they are still besties and are still the great friends they have always been.