Goodbye Brunette, Hello Firey RED!


The gorgeous brunette, Selena Gomez made many of our mouths drop on her most recent Instagram selfie this morning. Though it is not yet confirmed, it appears to be that the actress has ditched her signature brunette locks for a risky red! Regardless, the girl looks darling!!!

We are not so sure if the 21-year-old pop star actually went for this new red look or if it is just the filter. If she actually went for this risky new look, we have to say she looks FAB-UL-OUS!!!

The former Nickelodeon child star shared a stunning seflie on Instagram as she showcased her smokey eyes and showed off her apparent red look. The Latina beauty captioned her photo,

“I go back to, black”


Just when you think the picture is enough to have us shocked for her hair color change. The caption itself had many of us asking questions if she actually went for this sexy new hair color?

Filter or no filter we think red would look good on Ms. Gomez. We believe it is time for her to have a little fun experimenting with other hair colors since she has always had her signature dark hair.

Tell us what you think. Do you like Selena Gomez as a Brunette or as a sexy Red head?