When we are in the mist of the hustle, sometimes we don’t realize how far we’ve come. We find ourselves dedicating all our energy towards reaching our goal instead of sitting back to acknowledge the blessings God has given us. At times we can be so hard on ourselves and beat ourselves up when we don’t accomplish a particular goal. Whether it be from meeting a deadline, or totally bailing on a project from the start. This leads to personally affecting us and it becomes more of a challenge to move forward. Instead of appreciating the journey and experiences we’ve gone through, we take a look at what we do have and tell ourselves it is not enough.

One thing that I have struggled with, is being consistent with my work. I found myself starting projects and not being able to finish them for whatever reason. Life, having a team to back me up, focusing on the quality (which at times isn’t always important), and more. This made me feel guilty because I felt like I owed my audience something. Something that was valuable…  I wasn’t patting myself on the back for the projects I have accomplished. Instead I was pointing out the flaws that I feel has developed overtime. Meanwhile, it started to dawn on me that I was focusing on the wrong thing.

We as entrepreneurs are naturally hard on ourselves. We want the best of the best and we only strive for perfection. But sometimes, if we cant sit back and take into consideration of the obstacles that has shaped us into the people we are now, it may stunt our growth and will actually make it harder for us to obtain the success we are striving for. I noticed that while everyone was congratulating me on my work and milestones in my craft, I found every opportunity to criticize myself.

This is a growing pain in the a** because I personally don’t think I can and will ever stop being hard on myself. Thats just how I am and it pushes me to want to reach the inevitable. However, I tell myself that accepting the success that I have made this far, is just as important.  So with that being said, don’t beat yourself up when you feel you can do more. Instead, take a look at how far you’ve come, keep a positive mindset, and keep that hustle alive.


Until next time,

Mariah Darshà- In heels, Making CEO moves