Will ya’ll tune in to watch Chris Brown’s reality show??


For those of you that guessed Chris Brown, you guessed right! According to TMZ the ‘Loyal’ singer had been getting offers from BET to launch his reality show; that would follow his life after jail.  BET had also been working hard to find out if people will actually tune in and watch Breezy’s show.  TMZ confirmed that the singer is not planning to do reality TV.

The 25-year-old star, slammed down all the reality TV rumors and according to TMZ he said,

“It’s not his style,”


Aww for all you CB fans trust us we feel your pain, the sound Chris having his own reality show sounded like such a great idea because we would definitely tune in.

According to TMZ when BET allegedly was having focus groups that consisted of African-American females. The ladies were asked if they would watch his show; where he will work on getting out of trouble, meaning no drugs and violence. The majority of them said they would to watch the show, just to see if breezy would screw up.

Well now that we know that his show will not be airing anytime soon, we sure are looking forward for his next album called, “X” that will be released this year.