Muggles, prepare your portkeys! We have exciting news for you!!


Every Harry Potter fan has fantasized about staying in the magical Hogwartz Castle and get the vibe of what it is like to live in the wizardly world. Hold on to your wands real tight because do we have magical news for you.

According to E! News the Georgian House Hotel in London has introduced rooms that were inspired to resemblance The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Not only does the this hotel have a strong resemblance to the castle, but inside it is personalized down to every little detail so guest can have the ultimate Harry Potter experience! Okay now this is something we would all look forward to!


Just when you thought this was great news, you know there is more. This hotel will also be offering tours for their guest to visit the sites where the Potter films were shot. Talk about an experience of a lifetime!

Serena von der Heyde, partner at the Georgian House told The Independent,

“The Georgian House Hotel places great emphasis on welcoming families and I really wanted to create something fun for young visitors.”

Although Potter fanatics have the chance to choose what house they would choose to stay in, the magical themed getaway come in a pretty pricey cost.

Prices for the rooms range from £249 ($400) for three people per night and if you want to take your whole gang with you a 5-person chamber costs £363 ($600). What can we say the wizardly world is sure not cheap!

In other exciting news! J.K. Rowling has officially announced her new work that will be out for fans to see on Halloween, that will be about Potter’s nemesis Dolores Umbridge. The story will be out for fans to read on the Pottermore website.