This is what dreams are made of…


It is crazy to think that it has been 10 years since we followed Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda throughout their whole middle school experience and lets not forget listening on their infamous three way phone calls in the Disney Channel hit show, Lizzie McGuire. We honestly cannot forget about the joy and life lessons they brought into many of our childhoods when growing up. Now that this Disney show has hit it’s 10 year mark is it possible for us to be expecting a Lizzie McGuire reunion soon?!?!

It has been reported that the Lizzie McGuire star, Hilary Duff has admitted of be really interested in having a a full-cast reunion with her former co-stars once again. During a recent interview with the Huffington Post Duff opened up about the potential reunion idea and said,


“I love it! I would be totally open to it, my schedule is a little busy right now. But um…why not?”

Yes, we totally love the sound of that and will most definitely be looking forward to watch it.

The actress also confessed to the newspaper how much she loved working on the show and added,

 “I mean, so many people loved [Lizzie]. I loved her. Honestly, working on that show, I got so strong with my physical comedy and all the things that they would throw at me.”

Though right after the show ended, Duff star in many movies such as A Cinderella Story, Raise Your Voice, and let’s not forget The Lizzie McGuire Movie. But after all that hard work this proud mommy sure needed a little break.

Thankfully she back with a new album, a new show on TV Land and now a possible Lizzie McGuire reunion in the works.


“It was a really, really fun show and obviously people loved her. Maybe a ‘Lizzie: Where Are You Now?’ like 10 years later.”

Until then the 26-year-old actress actress is focusing on her new music; that is scheduled to be released in the fall along with her new single, ‘Chasing the Sun’ and other songs that cannot wait to hear.

According to E! News Duff spoke to them about her new music and said,

“I’ve worked very hard and the album is a great representation of the experiences I’ve had in my life and where I want to go from here, I’m really proud of the album I’ve made.”