Wait? Can this be real???


We think it all came as a shock to many us after learning that Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo broke-up. How can this happen they were such a beautiful couple and we were rooting their love could take them to the alter but unfortunately everything happens for a reason. The newly single,  Jason is keeping his head held high and opened up about his break-up.

During a phone interview with KDWB-FM‘s Big D, he confessed that everything was “cool” with him and his ex. Although in the beginning of the interview he told the radio station “he’d rather” not comment on the break-up. which E! News first reported but Big D sure managed to get the singer to open up about it.

When Big D asked the “Talk Dirty” singer if Jordin and him were still friends, he said,

“Yeah, everything is cool, man,”


Explaining that his break-up with her did not end in bad terms the singer added,

“It’s not a bad situation. You know, it’s not one of those kinda things.”

Jordin and Jason were became romantically linked three years ago and in 2012 the couple decided to go public and  show the world the love they had for each other.

We are still wondering what would have split up this couple if they were just seen together about a month ago at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles and then Sparks was seen cheering her man on from the audience when Jason was a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance this summer.

When E! News asked the “Wiggle” singer if he was planning to pop the question anytime soon, he responded,

“When the time is right, for sure.”

The very in love singer opened on how he needed his leading lady in his life after his injury. Derulo added,

“I knew that [he wanted to be with her longterm] pretty early on, I felt that when I was in the hospital with my neck injury…I felt different…I felt like I needed her in my world.”


According to E! News the break-up was mutual but that the two still care about each other and will remain each other’s lives as friends.

Although these are very sad news, we are still rooting for both of you!!! Keep your heads up!