Why are you so obsessed with me?


Is it just us or is the sizzling hot Glee star, Naya Rivera  looking a lot like Kim Kardarshian? We do not know about you guys but if you ask us we think there is a huge comparison between these two ladies.. Like they both are engaged to rappers, they both got huge engagement rings, and insanely have a similar styles. Many of us are probably thinking that maybe Naya might be worshiping Ms. Kim Kardashian a little too much.

The soon-to-be Mrs. Sean surprised many of us this week on Instagram, as she shared with her nearly million followers a mirror selfie showing some cleavage in a black plunging dress, with lightened locks all in a coiffed ‘do and the signature pout we all go for. This image feels a lot like déjà vu since the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star wore a similar black plunging dress during her blonde hair days in Paris Fashion Week last fall. The golden Glee star captioned her picture,

“Razzle Dazzle”


This is not the first time we have caught Rivera coming out looking like Kim Kdash but during a Michael Kors show, Big Sean’s wifey-to-be shared on Instagram posing in a plain white crop top with a navy blue high waisted pencil skirt as she worked her light locks.  River said,

“Almost time for the show! #MichaelKors #MKlady”

In another image the Glee star shared with her fiance Big Sean and her pose silly for a black and white photo, similar to the pictures Kim Kardashian shared of her and Kanye West in at a Christmas party. The Glee star captioned her picture,


Many of you may think it appears to be creepy that Naya Rivera is trying to be Kim Kardashian’s look a-like but if you think about it Ms. Kardashian should be quite flattered that a gorgeous girl like Naya admires her so much! We love you Naya just the way you are!!