You will forever be missed!! Fashion lost one of it’s most iconic men.


According to ABC News, the designer for American First Ladies, Oscar de la Renta has passed away at 82. A family member informed the news media Monday evening.

“I love all his clothes because of his sense of color,”

Nancy Kissinger, wife of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, said in a 2002 pictorial biography of the designer. She added

“There’s something very staggering about the combinations he chooses.”

 UntitledDe la Renta had been battling with cancer since 2006 when he was first diagnosed. He died Oct. 20 at his home in Kent, Conn. He was 82.

One of the family representative confirmed the fashion designers death but did not provide further details. The representative revealed that in 2011 de la Renta had a bout with cancer earlier that year.

Born in the Dominican Republic in 1932, de la Renta left his house at the age of 18 to study painting in Madrid. He then developed a love of fashion design and began an apprenticeship with Cristóbal Balenciaga, who became his mentor. He later landed a job with Lanvin in Paris. Soon after, he moved to New York City.

He was the first Latino to be accepted into the prestigious ranks of Parisian fashion houses. Years later as a U.S. citizen, he became the first American to design for a French couture house. At the same time, De La Renta was building a brand that circles in small-town bridal salons alike, it was known by one word: Oscar. 


His latest know project was designing Amal Alamuddin wedding dress. Alamuddin stated.

“George and I wanted a wedding that was romantic and elegant, and I can’t imagine anyone more able than Oscar to capture this mood in a dress,” she told Vogue. “Meeting him made the design process all the more magical, as he is so warm and such a gentleman.”






Oscar you will be forever missed, you brought a whole new look to fashion. The fashion world would not be what it is if it wasn’t for you.

Thank you for all your beautiful designs, you will never be forgotten. Untitled2