One thing that I have learned from being in this industry, is that there are many people who are trying to pursue the same goal as you. And thats ok. If you look at things from a grand scale, there are so many occupations, yet there are even more individuals trying to pursue them. This is something that should definitely not defeat you. Even though the thought of it may be scary, this should only push you to wanting to become the better you.

Below are a few ways that helped me continue to strive without getting discouraged and has helped me perfect my craft.

1. Don’t look at ANYONE as competition.

Simple and straight to the point right? Now I say this because sometimes the thought of it can be extremely overwhelming to the point where you start to question your purpose. You start to question your talent and ask yourself, “Am I really ‘good’ enough for this? or “Is this really what I want to do?” YES! IT IS! And just because there are people who are just as great does not mean there is not enough room for your greatness as well. I run across so many people who are just as talented as myself in the career that I choose. I admire their skills and would love to learn from them. But if you go in with a mindset as them being your competition, your outcome may lead to envy and jealously without you even noticing.. And we don’t want that. Thats energy we don’t have time to waste. So with that being said, look at your peers who share the same career goals as resources. Build a relationship and help each other grow. Don’t look at them as competition and try to bring them down to help put you ahead. Trust me.. It wont work.

2. Focus on you and ONLY you. 

This is something I have personally struggled with especially living in Los Angeles. Since there is so much greatness and talent out here, it is so easy to start comparing yourself to others. No… Don’t do that. You will soon find out that it is way more toxic to the soul than what it is soothing to your heart and mind. When you focus on yourself, you provide more time to perfect your talent. Sometimes I would sit back and write out my strengths and weaknesses and then ask myself how can I perfect my craft and what can I do different to help take my brand to the next level. During this time, your focus is solely geared towards the path God has created for you and what you can do to make this vision of yours more clear. Stay loyal to yourself and your work will start to reflect.

3. Join the #TeamNoSleep crew. 

So this hashtag may definitely be cliche, but it is so true! For myself, this has been a major adjustment for me and it still is. However, you will be surprised on how much stuff you can accomplish while everyone is knocked out sleep. You have no distractions, social media is quiet, and it leaves you with no excuses to finish up those last final touches on that project.

Last but not least..

4. Forever be a student. 

Don’t be afraid to learn from others. I always told myself that you are never too young or too old to gain additional knowledge. As long as I am living, new information should always continue to flow through my veins. This helped me learn things abut my career that I didn’t learn in school.  There are so many outside resources that are beneficial to helping you perfect your craft. I even believe after you make it and become successful, there will still be things that you don’t know, that may contribute to your success even more. Reading books, attending seminars, and taking workshops for pleasure is another great way to help sharpen your skills.


All of these points have been helping me perfect my craft and are helping me become the better me. The me I was called to be.

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Until next time..

Mariah Darshá- In Heels, Making CEO Moves