Prestigace : (Pres-tea-(g)-àce) “Be Prestigace…at all times” 

On Friday night, friends and loved ones came together to celebrate the preview of founder and fashion designer, John Wallace, as he introduced his newest collection called, “Capsule”. Hosted by Men’s Style Expert, Brand Wills, Prestigace Signature Capsule Collection was set out to view by the attendees while they enjoyed sparkling wine and Nuvino beverages. Located at the Exact Science Gallery, everyone enjoyed their night viewing unique art pieces and capturing moments with group photos, Snapchats and of course, selfies. 

John gave a brief speech and special thanks to all the people who have contributed to his brand. He acknowledged work partners, people who have supported him and shared how much he appreciated his beautiful fiancé, London. As he wrapped up, he geared the audience’s attention to a live fashion show, of his newest Prestigace gear.

Presigace is men’s fashion line that represents individuality in many shades and layers. Inspired by a classic style, Prestigace blends the mix between street and gentlemen style.

The new Capsule collection is available now.

Click the link below to view the collection!

Presitigace ‘Capsule’ Collection.