Razzle Razzle Razzle


For all you fashion, music, and arts lovers pay close attention!  Deputy in collaboration with the non-profit organization Girls with Gifts, officially launched his long awaited brand Razzle Life, in West Hollywood, Calif this Wednesday! I got the inside scoop on what went down in this hot Los Angeles based event.

The Razzle Life launch party was a full house with many talented guest attending! As many friends, colleagues and followers came out to support the producer and founder of Razzle Life, Deputy at his official launch party including the official introduction to new up and coming rising star you should definitely keep a look out for on TV and radio, Mikhala Jene! Razzle Life is a brand that strictly stressed the idea of fore sighting ones true vision and making your dreams come to reality. Founder of Razzle Life spoke to me about his definition about his brand. He said,

“Razzle Life really just means having a platform and using your platform to create other ventures to be successful…It’s kinda funny I just kept saying it Razzle Razzle Razzle that then I decided to make a hat an everyone kept asking me about it and I became serious about it and I saw that it can possibly turn into something big,”

Not only does Deputy have a true vision on this brand but he is also inspired by artists that have inspired him and pushed him throughout the process to make this dream of his a reality, he said,


Jay Z started out as a rapper and song writer and with his success he used that platform to then elevate and diverse into other areas such as clothing, sports bars and sports agency,”

Deputy is not only in charge of taking control on his brand but he is also producing music with the beautiful and talented up and coming artist, that I am sure you all will fall head over heels for. At this event, North Carolina native, Mikhala Jene had her first official introduction. She shared her feelings about this event and says,


“It is a relief because I have been working on it for a year and it’s finally here! They finally get to hear what I have been working on and what I have poured all my heart and soul into and this feels really good,”

She then added,

“I knew this was a gift that god gave me to share with everyone… music is my platform I can share a message with people and inspire them to do everything else that I plan to do with my future and my career,”

Girls with Gifts was one of the main organizations at the event showing full on support for Razzle Life’s launch party. Founder of Girls with Gifts, Antoinetta Harrison spoke  to us about her organization and affiliation with Razzle Life.

“It affiliates because Girls with Gifts is all about sharing your gift when Razzle Life speaks more about having a vision and being able to take your vision and diversify yourself across different mediums, we came up with a concept that is when sharing a vision and giving your gift collides the sound effect is born… Razzle Life and Girls with Gifts affiliate because it is all about taking a vision or gift and exposing it for people to be inspired,”

As many of you can see, Razzle Life has HUGE plans and projects ready for the future.

As Razzle Life launch party attendee, Terell Thomas said,

“Razzle Life is the dazzle life”

Watch Mikhala Jene’s video on her song “Is It Better” and let us know your thoughts on it.

Mikhala Jene- Is It Better (Directed By Rob Fresh) from ROB FRESH on Vimeo.