Elevator drama!!!

140512201048-01-jay-z-solange-horizontal-galleryTMZ released shocking surveillance footage of Beyonce‘s sister, Solange Knowles, where she is furiously assaulting her sister’s husband, Jay-Z, in an elevator after leaving the Met Gala last week. This footage shocked many of us and we are dying to know what caused all this drama. Why did Solange got so mad with Jay?

The clip was reportedly recorded at the Standard Hotel on May 5, during an elevator ride after the Met Gala. In the footage we can see Queen Bey’s sister, throwing punches, high-heel kicking, and furious shouting, all being aimed to the Holy Grail rapper. Though Jay-Z remained calm and did not loose his temper during his sister-in-laws elevator tantrum, we could not help to notice Beyonce standing motionless during the violent chaos. So before stepping in between the two to end the attack, the body guard handled it instead and grabbed Solange to hold her back.

Many of us are still wondering what caused Solange to get this upset with Jay-Z? Did he say something wrong or what?

Following the incident, Beyonce shared a picture of a prayer on her Instagram account and said,

“Help me to choose my friends wisely so I won’t be led astray. Give me discernment and strength to separate myself from anyone who is not a good influence.”

After the violent elevator attack that happened last week it seems as though Jay and Solange are in good terms again. The two were reportedly seen shopping together.

The trio have yet to speak about this incident that occurred last week.


Watch the shocking surveillance footage below and tell what you think?