One in a million…


Just this month we were informed that Disney star, Zendaya, would be portraying the part of the legendary Princess of R&B, Aaliyah, in the Lifetime biopic. Even though the television movie was something many looked forward to, many were not so happy after learning that the 17-year-old star was going to portray baby girl’s part.

Just this morning Lifetime shared a sad statement on Twitter where they informed us that Zendaya will no longer play the role of the infamous R&B princess, Aaliyah. The statement said,

“We are sad Zendaya will no longer portray Aaliyah.  Production is currently on hold.”

According to E! News Zendaya’s rep exclusively spoke to them about Lifetime’s statement and her rep confirmed it the news saying,

“Zendaya is no longer involved in the project.” 


So it is finally official the “Replay” singer will not be playing the role of Aaliyah after all then. What makes it more crazy is that the news about the ‘Shake it up’ star playing the R&B legend was buzzing everywhere on June 19; not even a month ago. We wonder wonder what happened for her to change her mind?

A source spoke to E! and told them that there are production issues that mainly include rights to obtain Aaliyah’s music.

The source also spoke about the young starlet being honored to portray the role of one of her idols saying,

“Aaliyah has always been an inspiration to Zendaya…She was honored to portray her and pay tribute to her. If she is going to do it, she wants to do it right.” 

The Aaliyah biopic is based on the Christopher Farley‘s best-selling  biography, Aaliyah: More Than a Woman. The film was planned to begin filming this Summer and air in the fall.

The movie was going to show us the life of the infamous singer as we followed her though her life and successful career. It will also takes us to her tragic passing, when she was only 22-years-old; in honor of the anniversary of her passing.